The gifts of bread and wine, along with our weekly offering, are brought to the altar at each Mass on the weekend and Holy Days. The gifts represent the offering of ourselves to our Heavenly Father. The offertory bearers represent each one of us as if we each brought our own gift to the altar. Any family or group of individual parishioners may volunteer to bring up the gifts.

The community offers bread and wine in the memorial sacrifice of the Mass.  Bread and wine are presented as gifts to God, as symbols of the work of human hands.  This allows members of the church who are not able to participate in other forms of liturgical ministries a chance to play a role in the liturgy.  When volunteers include a family with children, it’s a special sight; one that reminds us that parishioners of all ages, are important members of the body of Christ.

A minimum of 3 gift bearers are needed to carry: Bread, Wine and Offertory Collection.


  • After the Prayers of the Faithful, go stand at the rear of the Church near the center aisle. The Head Usher will be there to assist you.
  • The usher will line you up and hand you the gifts.
  • Walk down the center aisle and follow the crucifer/cross bearer (if available).
  • When you arrive at the altar, present the gifts one at a time to the Priest/Deacon.
  • After you have given your gift, stay with the group until everyone has given their gift. Then wait there, and as a group, bow reverently when the priest or deacons bows at the altar, and return to your seats.

Contact: Fr. Ken Schuckman |  221-3610

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