Before Mass

Sacristans set up credences with items for the Eucharist. Prior to Mass, a sacristan prepares for the Eucharist. According to the Catholic website, EWTN, a sacristan marks the places in all of the books used in the Mass. She readies the priest’s vestments. The sacristan also places cruets, chalices and hand towels on the credence table in the sanctuary. He lays out the processional cross and any oils the priest or bishop may need during the liturgy. If ringing bells accompany celebrations, the sacristan rings the bells. In addition, the sacristan makes sure that persons in the procession maintain silence in the sacristy.

Keeping Stock

Sacristans prepare books used in the liturgy. Sacristan duties include keeping items stocked that are necessary for Mass and holy days. Sacristans make sure that the hosts–communion wafers–are fresh and that the wine is stocked. A sufficient store of incense, coals and oil must be available for the sanctuary lamp. According to EWTN, the sacristan checks purificators–linen napkins used to wipe the chalice during Holy Communion–for cleanliness, and keeps the altar cloths changed.

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