Meet and Greet

A primary duty of ushers is to meet and greet parishioners as they enter the church. It is important for ushers to warmly welcome familiar faces as well as visitors, so that all feel welcome. At the same time, ushers are tasked with seeing that worshipers enter into the sanctuary quietly and respectfully without disturbing silent prayer or causing a distraction. If there is a song sheet or a program for the service, ushers distribute it to parishioners as they enter. If the church is particularly crowded, ushers help people find available seats.

Offertory Presentation

Ushers normally select a family before Mass to make the Offertory presentation. The Offertory is the presentation of the collection plate money and the bread and wine to the priest before Communion. If a family is not available to make the presentation, ushers are responsible for completing this task.

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