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In 1921 a fire destroyed Holy Name’s gothic church.  Under the leadership of Fr. Austin Hull, construction for the current church began in 1922 and was completed in 1923.  Father Hull served the church from 1910 until his death in 1945. One of his most fervent hopes was that Holy Name parish would have a school.  At his Requiem Mass, Bishop C. H. Winkelmann reminded parishioners of that hope and suggested that the people of Holy Name build a parish school as a memorial to Fr. Hull.  Thus began the existence of Holy Name Catholic School.

Father Hull instilled hope and sacrifice as core values of Holy Name Catholic School.

Holy Name Catholic School was opened in 1952, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph entered the classrooms to teach as Jesus did.  From the first day of school until 1987, thirty-three Sisters served the school. Then in 1990, the school was blessed when Sister Jacklyn of the Sisters of Saint Joseph became the school administrator.  

The Sisters of Saint Joseph instilled humility and charity as core values of Holy Name Catholic School.

In 1987 the Sisters of Saint Joseph left Holy Name parish after serving the Winfield community since 1899.  With their departure came the question of whether or not Holy Name could maintain their Catholic school. The parish reaffirmed their faith in Catholic school by not only choosing to maintain the school, but also to add a kindergarten class.

In 1997, Holy Name parish suffered the effects of another fire, and the parish hall was destroyed.  The parish hall had been used for social events and many fundraising events that supported the school.  With the loss of the parish hall, families came together to build a new building that was completed in 1999, and the construction debt was paid off sooner than anticipated.  

Holy Name Catholic School suffered many hardships over the following years, and through that process lost the pre-kindergarten, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes.  Enrollment dropped to a low of thirty-two students, and talk turned to closing the school.  Once again parish and school families joined together and showed their support of Catholic education by remodeling the school in 2000 and 2001.  

These events encouraged parishioners to emerge with a stronger and deeper faith.  Through this time of rebuilding, parishioners and school families instilled perseverance and unity as core values of Holy Name Catholic School.

These core value form the cornerstone of our parish and school family and have continued to form and shape our faith community.   Pre-Kindergarten was reestablished in the fall of 2001 and sixth grade in the fall of 2002. The school services approximately 60% of families registered at Holy Name or St. Mary with Winfield addresses.  Over the years Holy Name has also serviced families from Wellington, Oxford, Burden, and Arkansas City areas.

In October of 2006 Ecclesiastical Studios and Sons began the renovation of the church.   This was completed in March of 2007.

Updates have also been made to the school.  In 2004 playground equipment was installed. In 2008 the library was moved from the refurbished boiler room to the parish hall meeting room.  In addition, a second desk space and cabinets were installed. This created a work area for teachers and support staff. In 2010 we were able to expand our library and put it on a computerized catalog. Windows were replaced in 2012, and a security system was installed in 2017.  Continued improvements have been made to the technology at Holy Name Catholic School, including the purchase of a server and updated laptops, and the incorporation of mobile computer labs in each classroom.

Holy Name Catholic School continues to have a good working relationship with USD 465.   Special education services are provided through the COOP. The hot lunch program is contracted through USD 465, and our 6th grade students are bused to the middle school so that they may participate in band or orchestra.  

At Holy Name Catholic School, we believe that hope, sacrifice, humility, charity, perseverance, and unity are the foundation upon which our Catholic identity rests, and we strive to continually embody these values in all that we do.