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Our contribution to the Gratitude Gala!  Almost entirely done by the students!

All Saint’s Day

On November 1, our Church celebrates those who have gone before us and achieved what we strive for each day, Heaven.  Learning about these people helps us to understand the way we should live so that we too can get to Heaven.  We will celebrate by researching and presenting a Living Museum of Saints.

*Students will choose a saint and have you, their parents, sign a paper and return it to school Monday, October 15.

*Each student will prepare a costume and prop of relevance to their chosen saint.  NO WEAPONS!  Costumes must be manageable by the students independently.  The costume will be worn later in the day over their uniform.

*Each student should prepare a poster board or tri-fold to aid in their presentation.

*Each student will present their saint in the living museum setting.  They should have a prepared 2 minute oral presentation (Memorized is best.)


 I can print some pictures for students who are unable to do this at home.  Dollar Tree has great supplies for very cheap!